One of the greatest attorneys I’ve encountered.

Where do I start – Eric is an intelligent individual that takes his job serious. He will overturn every stone to find the truth. Being truthful, empathetic, and paying attention to details are just some of the qualities this young black male attorney has.

Eric not only has a vast knowledge in law he knows how to search for the truth. I have the utmost respect for this man and his ability to navigate law and a courtroom. Whoever entrusts their case with Eric will get more than 100% that he puts into every case their getting his experience in a court room.

I know Eric Adams is the future in creating true reform in what I have considered for years a broken system. Eric Adams gives me hope that things are going to change. Eric has my support and is one of the greatest attorneys I’ve encountered.

Have faith in his ability to do his job and you will be fine. Good luck God speed and continue doing the work to make our justice system better. Eric you will always have my support because you are making a difference.

— Miguel S.
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