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What Constitutes Police Misconduct in California?

One of the most important civil rights under strain today are protection against police brutality. Individuals who have experienced any kind of police misconduct, brutality, or excessive force have the right to file a lawsuit based on a violation of their civil rights.

Note that police misconduct involves unlawful behavior against a civilian, and this can be in the form of unlawful detention, false arrest, racial profiling, or excessive force. More specifically, some of the most important civil rights that are violated by police misconduct are:
In such situations, a person may pursue criminal prosecution of the offending police officer or a civil rights lawsuit entailing monetary damages.

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Filing a Civil Rights Lawsuit

Under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983, victims of police misconduct may file a civil rights lawsuit that could include remedies in the form of an injunction (court order designed to prevent the misconduct from reoccurring) or monetary damages. Injunctions may spur a review of the internal affairs of the police department and potentially fire offending officers. Monetary damages could include damages to compensate the victim for their losses, punitive damages to penalize the offending officer, and presumed damages to cover for a victim’s violated rights.

Note that a successful lawsuit for monetary damages requires that it overcomes qualified immunity, which is a defense available to police officers and protects them from having to pay such damages from a lawsuit if they prove that they did not violate a person’s constitutional rights or, if they did, the right was not clearly established. A civil rights lawsuit can be filed against any state or local officials, such as the offending officer, their associated police department, or even the town or county in which the incident occurred.


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A Compassionate Trial Attorney Representing the LA Community

If you have experienced a form of police misconduct in Los Angeles, whether due to violence or some other violation of your constitutional rights, do not hesitate to contact an experienced civil rights attorney for legal support. Attorney Eric Samuel Adams, Jr. is a Los Angeles native who genuinely cares about his LA community; he will put up a dedicated fight to protect your civil rights in court. He can help you strategize an effective civil rights lawsuit that will protect both your civil rights and those of future generations who may also be affected. In a best-case scenario, you can obtain monetary damages for your loss and even ignite change in the department or municipality. Attorney Eric Samuel Adams, Jr. is a Los Angeles native who deeply cares about the community. He aims to provide clients with service-oriented support, as he lends a compassionate ear to their situation and helps them strategize an effective legal solution. Civil rights cases are especially important to him, as they can help protect an unfairly treated individual and spark a conversation for change in the community. If you feel your civil rights have been violated by police misconduct in LA, Attorney Adams will take your case to trial and fight for the remedies you (and the community) deserve. He is an accessible attorney who will be directly reachable throughout the course of your civil rights case.  

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